Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Bday

Happy belated bday to our merdeka babies... Ng Shan Yuan and Wendy Kee...

Not to forget. the round ball ball lee kien how.

Happy bday...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Missing you guys...

Hey guys and gals... haha.
lets make this blog as one of our communication tools okay? keep in touch la kononnya.
haha. i miss u all... very much. cant wait to see u ppl.. but i dunno when i can see u guys. haha.

i am planning to do another post about... erm... later on in our life. hahaha...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Intro - Hui Fen

Hui Fen, she came from the other part of Malaysia, which is Sabah & Sarawak. She talks very loud. just like a loud speaker. maybe her hometown is a jungle. thats why she used to talk with that way. haha. just like Tarzan.

Not even that, besides talk very loud, she also can talk A LOT. which mean non-stop talking. she is also known as 7-eleven. from here, you can know that how talkative she is. talk loud = non-stop. her friends around will be scared of her.

she loves imaginary also. for her, imagination has no limits, but it helps to explore opportunities. so, like sze hwee and wendy, she always imagine somethind that is NOT possible to happen. The three girls live happily in their imaginary world. its ok... as long as they are happy.

Hui Fen, she did a lot of crazy things... infinite. so cannot be listed down one by one. hahha. but since Wendy and Sze Hwee graduated from ICPU, Hui Fen had chaged a little bit. such as not that talkative, no entertainment and stuff.

She is very SS. like to take pictures with her friends. haha. got some pictures to prove. haha. taking picture again and again.

well, then, like the rest of her members, she is friendly also. she had lots of friends in college. but maybe many of her friends has ran away because she is too noisy.

she is weird. always do something that will make people..... ????? hahahah... such as do stupid notes. write fish note, and stuff.

Intro - Eng Guan

Eng Guan, he is the only one that is not taking ICPU. but he study at taylors also. Taylors Business School. He is Ah Baa Ng Shan Yuan's cousin + room mate. he is the youngest and smallest in Hush Puppies Gangz. but then he moved to another college already. but no matter how far he was seperated from us, he is still one of the Hush Puppies in Taylors.

cool but mad... nice but bad... interested but lazy... study?? no thx... but if gaming.. yes pls...

this is how he describe about himself. cool but mad.. nice but bad? nice or bad is more? he dun like to study? yea, sometimes, but sometimes he does. he used to study till late night last time. gaming? yea> maybe he is an expert in gaming.

He is just like the younger brother of the rest of the hush puppies members. sometimes he is naive, but sometimes he is mature.

he is very loyal to the girl that he loves. he is willing to do anything for the person that he love. he will be sad for her, he will be happy for her.

he loves doggie... he uploaded a lot of doggies pictures in his friendster. he even said tat he love his dog.

He is friendly.

he is rich.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Jacky Tan.. he is the most handsome guy in the Hush Puppies gangz. haha. from here... you can know... how handsome was the guy in our GANGZ. hahah.... understand? haha. you know i know lah.. hahah.. honestly, jacky, he is fair, and also handsome lah. i mean good looking. haha.
ok... well. he is hyperactive... he will do a lot of weird thing. haha. hard to say what the thing was. haha. you will understand if you try to go to playground with him. haha. he will never play it properly. haha. he will play like a kid,. haha. he loves sweets and candy. haha... you will be very satisfaction if you give candy to him. haha. i mean his reaction will make you happy. haha. he will be very happy and proud with the candy that you gave him. haha.
He is crayon shin chan lover. haha. his birthday cake, his towel, and even his friendster primary picture are crayon shin chan. haha. maybe crayon shin chan is just too cute? haha. for him at least. haha.
he is the king of gaming and also Zzzz... haha... he can play.. and sleep a lot. haha. another Ball. lolx. he is an expert in Maple. haha.. everyday in class, he will sleep and dreaming. haha. famous of his sleeping skills in class.
he have a pretty and beautiful girlfriend. haha. which can match with him. haha. he is always surrounded by loadz of pretty gals. and he also can dance well.

Intro- Ivan Choong

Ivan Choong Chin Chew, he is a rich guy that owned a BIG land. that he cant even walk all of the land. too big for him. haha. prove that he is rich. he is not selfish. he will borrow his stuff to you if you need it. such as, he will lend you his his laptop, mobile phone or even cash to you if you really need it. haha.
he will be funny sometimes. hard to say how... ok.. he is handsome like the pic... hahaha... jkjk

haha. yea. this is the pig that i meant. haha. looks like him? sort of. hahaha. he will be very caring sometimes. or most of the time? he will share his secret to you when he was in a bad mood. so that u will know what happen to him. and doesnt need to worry about him,.

when you need a pair of ear for you to merayu or what.. you can just look for him. he will be very patient to listening to your problem. and will gv you some advice. eventhru sometimes the advices are sot... haha.. but at least better than nothing right. haha.

He is lazy sometimes. haha. he lime to skip Mr.Saint Germain class eventhru the class is fun. haha. until saint germain said that he is not a good student. haha. dun believe? i show it to you. haha

The bad student versus the good student. haha.. jkjk..

why we like to said that he is pig? because his family's business is selling pig. haha.

so, he also have a pig family in college. haha. which he was JUDY and JUGE. haha. dun wanna be human, want to be pig pula. haha. they are always that weird.

haha. he ever in love with a few gals in college. not so good to list it out. haha. neway,. hope that he will find the best one.


Ball? why he is Ball? i dunno either.

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell.... aaaaa....... hachi....... ok... y describe him with this weird song? hahaha... want to talk with this guy? you better prepare yourself a blanket first. haha. blanket, oven or sauna. choose one. haha. know what the way he talk is damn cold one. haha. you cannot imagine...... and cannot predict what he will talk to you after that. haha. say something that is not funny... but actually very funny lah... hahaha. i think he need to buy a lot of panadol for his friends. haha. but now, he changed a lot already. not that cold anymore.

By the way..... i have to mentioned.... he is COLD, but not COOL... big difference between COOL and COLD ok. haha... ok.... how cold he is... ? will an example. haha... well... knw what.. he is very hairy.... he said that he will shave his leg's hair.... how he shave? he shave BALL BALL there. when people ask about his name, he just need to show them his leg. creative right? Erm. Good idea.

He have lots of weird ideas in IB class... he is smart sometimes. he loves sleeping. haha. Sze Hwee complained that the only 3 things that you will see what he is doing in his rooms are...



3.Taking Bath

haha... see... his life was happy. no worries, no stress. lolx.

he loves gaming.... can spent all his time by sitting infront of the computer to play with his game. haaha. he will act weird and freak face when he take photo. rarely to see him taking a serious picture. haha.

sometimes, he will be self-esteem. which means love himself too much... how? i can prove to you.,.

He is Ivan's room mate. ngam l;ah. they can play games all the time.